June 2, 2011

A New Addition to Our Home

I hinted yesterday that we purchased something for our house. I should correct that to say we got two new somethings for the house. (Though one isn’t very new.)

After passing a ton of junk, we came across this great chair. Mae modeled it for the blog:

We paid $40 for it and took it home. I don’t anything about its actual worth or if we got a good deal, but I think getting a nice chair which doesn’t need any work for $40 is a great deal! The upholstery is in great shape and a very pretty color. I saw an identical one in a mustard color for $65 on eBay.

It was pretty dirty, so I gave it a detailing before putting it in our house. Here is a picture of where it ended up:

Please excuse our dingy couch and the crooked pictures. I didn’t even realize they were hanging wonky until I uploaded this picture. Mae likes to climb on the couch and stroke them.

I want to change out the table with something round and modern and add a graphic pillow to the back of the chair. Here is the chair with a spare pillow we have hanging around:

How about this one from etsy.

Or this one, also from etsy:

Apparently I’m willing to pay more for the pillows than the chair itself.

June 1, 2011

First Day of Hurricane Season


In honor of this momentous occasion, I have been thinking about pretty shutters. Sounds incongruous, huh? Here are some pretty images a quick search on pinterest turned up:

from Etsy





Despite my proclivity for blue, the second purple one is my favorite.

I wish I had pictures of the hurricane shutters on my house growing up. When we put them all up our house looked like a fortress. It would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse!

June 1, 2011

Isn’t this pretty?

I swung by a local consignment shop this weekend and found the most amazing mirror.

I want it! I would either paint it or gold leaf it. Then my house would immediately be beautiful. This picture proves it:

and this one:

via Lonny

and this one too!

via Lonny

Too bad the mirror was going for over $100. It may have been worth it, but my check book wasn’t very excited. I did walk out with one exciting purchase, which I can’t wait to show later this week!

I apologize, I don’t have the source for the first picture! I found it on pinterest and it did not have the source linked. If anyone knows where the image is from, I would love to credit the geniuses behind it.

May 31, 2011

I love my veggies

In this morning’s post, I mentioned my CSA. That is Community Supported Agriculture for those not in the know. Community Supported Agriculture is basically a share of a farm. In today’s agriculture economy, local farmers are barely able to meet the costs of their production. CSA programs allow outsiders to purchase a share of the crop, which guarantees the farm is paid for it’s effort. I pay an upfront fee to a local farm and I receive a box of vegetables every 12 weeks.

My share is technically a small one, made for two people, but look at the amazing amount of food I receive weekly:

Starting on the left and going clockwise, I received a bunch of collard greens, a head of cabbage, 2 patty-pan squashes, 5 ears of corn, 3 zucchinis, 2 green tomatoes and a good amount of red potatoes.

Though this CSA has served to be a huge money saver for me, it can be a risk. If the farm has a poor season, our shares will be much smaller. I am fortunate that my local farm has had a very productive year.

If you are interested in learning more about CSAs check out these links:

USDA’s CSA Definition

Local Harvest

May 31, 2011

Refrigerator Progress

This blog is already serving to be a great source of accountability. I had a very busy weekend, and by, very busy, I mean I sat on the beach. Immediately after putting Mae to bed on Monday evening, I realized I had to get this thing done. I stuck in my ear phones, grabbed a glass of wine and went to town!

First things first, I removed everything that had expired. It was more than I expected. I learned that I need to do two things – clean more often, and cook the food I buy! So here is the before I showed last week:

And here is the after:

I then removed everything from the refrigerator (try not to get to jealous of my awe-inspiring kitchen),

and went to work scrubbing the insides. Here is the sparkling finished product:

I then put everything back in, minus the bottle of wine, which I polished off while scrubbing. Where did my food go? The insides of the drawers were also very organized and pretty, but I failed to take a picture.

And, most importantly, isn’t it so much prettier now that all of the labels are turned the same direction? (I’m sure you are all impressed by the fresh and nutritious fruit I am feeding my child.)

P.S. I learned a major lesson about blogging, and really, life in general – Hit Save! I wrote a long post and my browser shut down. Since I was not smart enough to save it before posting, I lost the entire thing. Then, as I am rewriting my post, it shut down again! Needless to say, on the third attempt I hit save every two words. Sheesh.

May 26, 2011

The State of the Ice Box

I think it’s best to start this great quest towards domestication small: let’s organize the refrigerator! I really love going to the grocery store. It’s kind of like an addiction. I go multiple times a week, and all it leaves me with is an over-filled refrigerator and a busted budget.

So here is the refrigerator before (please note the overabundance of greens and cabbage thanks to my very productive CSA.):

I might as well do the freezer while I’m in there:

And are you ready for the after? Drum roll please . . . .

No, not really. That picture is from The Container Store, but I thought I could trick you with the two heads of cabbage. The great refrigerator reorganization is going to take place this weekend. This post is merely to build anticipation. I’m sure my 2 readers are riveted! Stay tuned!

I have a few goals: (1) throw out anything out of date; (2) scrub clean the entire inside; (3) reorganize according to cooking temperatures; (4) make sure the labels are all facing the right direction (probably the most important step). Hopefully I can make mine look halfway decent.

May 25, 2011

The Power of Paint

I know the room I showed yesterday looked incredibly incomplete, but we have actually done one major change. Here is a picture of the house when we bought it:

The colors were even more shocking in person. The bottom part of the walls is painted brick, with thin paneling on top. We decided to paint them all the same soothing gray color. We also took the trim from a dull off-white to white. I think it makes the room look so much brighter.

I actually don’t mind the stick-on tiles, but they aren’t holding up well to the moisture in the room. The concrete slab the room sits on seeps water and there are gaps in the brick which allow in lots of bugs. The tiles are cracking and all sorts of ickiness is growing under them. We hope to pull them all up and do something with the concrete underneath. We aren’t sure of the state of the concrete and it has been badly painted, but hopefully we can do something inexpensive!

We want to make this room a playroom so we have a place to keep Mae’s rapidly growing toy stash. Does anyone else see great potential with this currently unusable room?

May 24, 2011

The Blog Explained

I’m not the most domestic of goddesses. My  husband does his own ironing, my bed is rarely made, and my cereal is still in its original packaging. As much as I wish to have a perfectly styled bedroom with organized socks and pretty drawer liners, I’m more likely to watch an episode of Bachelorette than to repaint the trim.

My Google Reader is stocked full of home design blogs. I follow a number of homes obsessively. So I finally decided, why not put my house out there for my friends and family to judge. If I am saying it “out loud” maybe I will get it done in a more timely fashion.

And here is a sneak peek of one of our rooms I plan to work on in the coming months. The room needs some work, huh? I left it exactly as is for you all to see – partially pulled up flooring, exercise gear strewn around and random box storage. The door also decided to break just in time for the picture, so I couldn’t even open it to eliminate glare.

May 23, 2011

Off we go!

Hi! I’m Kate. Greg is my husband. We have been married for years, five to be exact. (Here’s hoping the fifth anniversary comes with a really good gift.)

We have two dogs and one baby. All of them are pretty cute, but Mae might be my favorite.

All in all, I have a pretty awesome family.

But enough about them. I don’t want to create a site dedicated to what Mae had for breakfast and how far she threw it. Instead I want to talk about where I live. I have been dreaming about this blog for years, and, to start with a great cliché, there is no better time than now.

We own a house. A cute 1970s ranch, in need of a lot of work. We have owned it for 2 years and I have done very little. I can blame it on a rough pregnancy, then a newborn, but with Mae passing a year, I have no more excuses!

I don’t see us moving for a long time, and (ready for the next cliché?) it’s time to make this house a home. (I promise I won’t inundate you with terrible platitudes in the future.) I have big dreams and grand plans, none of which I have taken to fruition. Instead, I have sat on my tush and thought about what I would do sometime in the future. I have collected ideas, made mood boards and done a whole lot of nothing. With this blog I hope to actually make things happen! So, here we go . . .