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June 15, 2011

Flamingo Fantasy

Have I ever mentioned I love flamingos? Almost as much as I fear zombies. I want this well-known print by Sharon Montrose so bad, but it’s a bit out of a my budget, especially because I want it in super large scale. If you have a more flexible budget than me, you can buy it here.

I decided to peruse the internets for some more affordable flamingo art and came up with some interesting options.

Found on etsy.

I’m not sure about the above flamingo. He looks a little . . . . bloody? Etsy.


Love this one, if only it was a bit larger. I found it on

Another one found on I’m kind of loving the art deco look. (That is art deco, right?)


I found some interesting options, but none were exactly what I wanted. I want something really large. Would it be completely crazy of me to try to paint something myself? I haven’t attempted such an endeavor in a very very long time. And with my track record, proven by a pile of half-finished scarves, it will never happen.

A blogger I follow recently mentioned a new flamingo trend. It was on Design Manifest. I may have had a flash moment of adolescent pouting, and feel the need to mention that I wanted a flamingo before any so-called trend. So there. (I’m sure I’m not being influenced by the design around me or anything.)

Also – after perusing a large number of flamingo pictures, I have decided I don’t like flamingo eyes. They make me nervous.

June 7, 2011

Pretty Dining Room Chairs

Since I still haven’t convinced Greg that the table is a necessity in our lives, I think it would be fun to overwhelm him with pictures of pretty upholstered dining room chairs. Look at all the potential! (This could be an indication my own husband doesn’t read my blog.)

Those first four pictures were found on Lonny magazine’s online gallery. I love that magazine, and you should check it out immediately if you haven’t already. It is an online magazine –

These two pictures were on Quadrille fabric’s site. They have bright colorful fabrics, which are probably way out of my range! If you notice, the green zig zag fabric is the same one I showed from isuwannee yesterday.

 via HouseBeautiful

And saving the best for last, my absolute favorite! Found on Pinterest via modernjanedesign.

June 6, 2011

New Store Love

On our way to the beach, we stopped at two amazing antique shops in Hollywood (no, not that Hollywood. A tiny town with the same name.) The first wasn’t open, but a man sitting outside selling art let us look around the warehouse. It was huge! We will definitely have to go back when the owner is there.

There were piles of furniture everywhere, in varying states of disrepair. Every time I moved around a stack, I would find a new treasure. Look at this amazing table – each of the legs looked like this:

And the top is below. I couldn’t get up high enough to get a good picture, but it was amazing! There were inlaid animals and palm trees.

It wasn’t in great shape, and I would have no idea how to repair it, but have you ever seen anything like that? There were no prices posted in the warehouse, so I have no idea if he has good prices or not.

We were directed to another store right down the street. I’m not sure if it was an antique store or a consignment shop, but I don’t care! The prices were astoundingly amazing. I could not believe the deals they had!

I really want this table:

The table, 4 chairs and leaf were $125 for everything! I am going to try to convince Greg to go back and get it. It felt like a game table, but it was plenty big enough for dining. The top of the table looked like parquet floor, but I have no idea what you call that. I searched all over and it seemed to be in great shape. The chairs have caned backs, which I failed to get pictures of.

I think I would remove the pads on the back, which were just buttoned through the caning, and reupholster the seats in something really fun. The fabric Jamie Meares used on the seat cushions in the below picture would be amazing, but with a brighter colored trim!

BTW – Jamie Meares at isuwannee may be one of my interior design style icons. I secretly love her from afar. You should check out her blog.

P.S. If I were a good blogger I would have gotten pictures of the store fronts, or even remembered their names. I will try and get that info next weekend. Or, you know, when I go back to get that table. (Hint, hint G. Man.)

June 1, 2011

First Day of Hurricane Season


In honor of this momentous occasion, I have been thinking about pretty shutters. Sounds incongruous, huh? Here are some pretty images a quick search on pinterest turned up:

from Etsy





Despite my proclivity for blue, the second purple one is my favorite.

I wish I had pictures of the hurricane shutters on my house growing up. When we put them all up our house looked like a fortress. It would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse!

June 1, 2011

Isn’t this pretty?

I swung by a local consignment shop this weekend and found the most amazing mirror.

I want it! I would either paint it or gold leaf it. Then my house would immediately be beautiful. This picture proves it:

and this one:

via Lonny

and this one too!

via Lonny

Too bad the mirror was going for over $100. It may have been worth it, but my check book wasn’t very excited. I did walk out with one exciting purchase, which I can’t wait to show later this week!

I apologize, I don’t have the source for the first picture! I found it on pinterest and it did not have the source linked. If anyone knows where the image is from, I would love to credit the geniuses behind it.