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June 10, 2011

Living Room Ideas

Now that you have seen the pictures of my beautiful living room, let’s talk about what I want to change. I know, I know, why would I want to change perfection?

Let’s look at the soon-to-be before once more:

Let’s start from the top down. Curtains. I have been searching high and low for fabric I love. I found one this week that I am seriously contemplating:

 I love the color, the print, the batik look. My style tends to lean rather tropical, so I have to be careful to not go too far in that direction. With my 1970’s classic 8-foot ceilings, I want to hang the curtains closer to the ceilings and wider so I can pretend I live in luxury. I then need to figure out some way to block the windows when we watch tv, but I’m not sure how to finagle that yet.

I want to remove the rocking chair on the left and replace the two stools on the right with upholstered chairs. That is probably not happening any time soon, so don’t hold your breath.

I think the biggest effect will happen when I change out the rug for something more appropriately sized. My first inclination is a natural colored sisal rug, but I’m not sure if that would be soft enough for the babe. Right now I’m loving this jute rug from West Elm:

The coffee table is my favorite thing in the room, but it doesn’t quite match the couch. I am going to make it last for as long as possible, but I would like something white or metal or even upholstered. No more dark wood!

Add in two end tables with matching lamps. I saw these at Target the other day and with an interesting shade, they could be perfect:

But, check out that price tag – not necessarily Target cheap!

Looking at the far wall again:

I want to add some bookshelves along that wall to mirror the door opening. Let’s see if I can convince my delightful husband to build me something beautiful.

I really need to get started on projects at my house, but I can’t find the time! I have big plans this weekend and house guests. How do the big time bloggers find the time? I think I need a day planner. That would solve all my problems, right?

June 9, 2011

Let’s Talk Living Room

Disclaimer: I have no idea how to take pictures. Seriously. Don’t judge me for my ineptitude. One would think this is a requirement for running a blog, but I plan to defy the odds. As Nigel Lythgoe told that cute dancer last night, I’m “breaking down barriers.”

So, anyway, let’s get to the post. I want to show you my living room. Everything is exactly where we put it when we moved in two years ago and I have made no changes. It doesn’t match, look oppressively traditional and the scale is all wonky. But we rarely use it, so nothing changes. Want to see this spectacle of glory?

Here is looking out our front window from the dining area:

I am embarrassed to admit the window treatments were put up by the previous owner. Have I mentioned I am lazy? The couch is brown, and that’s all I have to say about it. The rug is too small and a particularly red shade of red. I love the coffee table.

The room is actually shaped like an L, so I will try to show it from other angles so you can get a feel. If you look to the left of the  couch, there is a large opening into the room. The front door is just behind the wall with the fern prints.

If you stand in the opening and look into the room, this is what you see:

Boring. The television is just to the right of the picture and the whole neighborhood can see it at night. We have discussed blocking the window, but we don’t want to deprive the neighborhood of their free drive in theater. That mirror on the back wall is very cool. It was given to us as a wedding present and I haven’t figured out where to put it in this house. It has the most beautiful relief carved wooden frame. Right now it’s a kissing booth for Mae. I washed the grubby handprints off just for this picture.

Now if we make a right turn, you look into the dining area:

Again, dark wood, no decorations, and messed up scale.

I have lots and lots of plans for this room. I just need to get my tuchus in gear and get started. Any thoughts on what I want? I’ll give you a hint:

Note: I said want. Don’t be shocked if this never happens.

June 2, 2011

A New Addition to Our Home

I hinted yesterday that we purchased something for our house. I should correct that to say we got two new somethings for the house. (Though one isn’t very new.)

After passing a ton of junk, we came across this great chair. Mae modeled it for the blog:

We paid $40 for it and took it home. I don’t anything about its actual worth or if we got a good deal, but I think getting a nice chair which doesn’t need any work for $40 is a great deal! The upholstery is in great shape and a very pretty color. I saw an identical one in a mustard color for $65 on eBay.

It was pretty dirty, so I gave it a detailing before putting it in our house. Here is a picture of where it ended up:

Please excuse our dingy couch and the crooked pictures. I didn’t even realize they were hanging wonky until I uploaded this picture. Mae likes to climb on the couch and stroke them.

I want to change out the table with something round and modern and add a graphic pillow to the back of the chair. Here is the chair with a spare pillow we have hanging around:

How about this one from etsy.

Or this one, also from etsy:

Apparently I’m willing to pay more for the pillows than the chair itself.

May 25, 2011

The Power of Paint

I know the room I showed yesterday looked incredibly incomplete, but we have actually done one major change. Here is a picture of the house when we bought it:

The colors were even more shocking in person. The bottom part of the walls is painted brick, with thin paneling on top. We decided to paint them all the same soothing gray color. We also took the trim from a dull off-white to white. I think it makes the room look so much brighter.

I actually don’t mind the stick-on tiles, but they aren’t holding up well to the moisture in the room. The concrete slab the room sits on seeps water and there are gaps in the brick which allow in lots of bugs. The tiles are cracking and all sorts of ickiness is growing under them. We hope to pull them all up and do something with the concrete underneath. We aren’t sure of the state of the concrete and it has been badly painted, but hopefully we can do something inexpensive!

We want to make this room a playroom so we have a place to keep Mae’s rapidly growing toy stash. Does anyone else see great potential with this currently unusable room?