Flamingo Fantasy

Have I ever mentioned I love flamingos? Almost as much as I fear zombies. I want this well-known print by Sharon Montrose so bad, but it’s a bit out of a my budget, especially because I want it in super large scale. If you have a more flexible budget than me, you can buy it here.

I decided to peruse the internets for some more affordable flamingo art and came up with some interesting options.

Found on etsy.

I’m not sure about the above flamingo. He looks a little . . . . bloody? Etsy.


Love this one, if only it was a bit larger. I found it on Art.com.

Another one found on art.com. I’m kind of loving the art deco look. (That is art deco, right?)


I found some interesting options, but none were exactly what I wanted. I want something really large. Would it be completely crazy of me to try to paint something myself? I haven’t attempted such an endeavor in a very very long time. And with my track record, proven by a pile of half-finished scarves, it will never happen.

A blogger I follow recently mentioned a new flamingo trend. It was on Design Manifest. I may have had a flash moment of adolescent pouting, and feel the need to mention that I wanted a flamingo before any so-called trend. So there. (I’m sure I’m not being influenced by the design around me or anything.)

Also – after perusing a large number of flamingo pictures, I have decided I don’t like flamingo eyes. They make me nervous.


5 Comments to “Flamingo Fantasy”

  1. Chicken man does some flamingo stuff. And he would custom do one for you too, I’m sure.

  2. He actually has a website, and if you go there, he looks expensive. But he cuts deals. I got like, 8 or 10 of his full size paintings once for $200. It worked out to like, $20/pop. Christmas was done for that year!

  3. Oh, I love the fifth one. The fifth flamingo. Yep, that’s the flamingo for me!

    • At first glance, that is my favorite too! I think it has a Florida retiree feel. 🙂 I just worry it might make my house a little too Lilly Pulitzer, which is always a risk in coastal SC.

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