Emergency Kit Start

I have a secret. After I had Mae, I didn’t obsess about kidnappings or fires. I laid awake at night thinking about the zombie apocalypse. It’s true. If you don’t want to be crazy like me, I would not recommend reading World War Z by Max Brooks. But really, I would recommend it – that book is amazing.

So first step in my Emergency Kit – move here:

Look, it’s all open and modern. So airy. Then when the zombies come over the hill, it turns into your own personal fortress (insert the sounds of a large metal door banging shut).

Only one problem, do you think it’s earthquake-proof? (If you want to see more pictures of this work of genius, look here.)

Ok, enough of that humor. (because you know I’m just kidding, right? RIGHT??) The real first step in my quest for protection is research. I found a few sites to help me learn exactly what I need:

And, honestly, that is all I have done so far. I have been reading up on what we need and how to prepare, but I haven’t actually done anything yet. We had way too much fun this weekend (Happy Birthday Morgan!!) and I never got around to putting it together. Sorry folks, let’s see how many posts I can drag out of this simple to do.

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