Emergency Kit: Add to the To Do List

I’m putting this one up here for accountability purposes. According to this map:

We need to get our Emergency kit together! If you note the little maps on the bottom, my hometown is high risk for both hurricanes and earthquakes. Uh oh, I should really start preparing.

This is a short post, but just know I pledge to prepare an emergency kit by next week. See you then! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


3 Comments to “Emergency Kit: Add to the To Do List”

  1. Make sure you keep a bill or something in your emergency kit. I’ve heard that if you have to evacuate, you have to have some sort of proof that you live there to get back in to the area, and bills are a good way to prove that.

    • That’s an awesome idea Anna! Whenever I get around to this kit (the laziness is killing me), I am going to do just that! Do you have an emergency kit set up? I need some more ideas and apparently googling is too difficult.

  2. No. I just remember that from a class I went to, and also don’t forget doggie stuff. But I have nothing, other than the few random things I took from that! Ha!

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