My Weekend, through the lens of my iPhone

Greg got a room in Charleston for our Anniversary. Can you believe this was our first time leaving Mae overnight? 14 months is way too long. Mae was probably glad we were gone because she went to the beach with my sister and nephew.

We stayed at an inn downtown, ate dinner at Rue de Jean and saw a comedy show connected with Piccolo Spoleto. Dinner wasn’t until 8:15, so we wandered all over town popping into stores. I decided I need this straw bowler:

And Greg needs to look more Southwestern, though he wasn’t convinced:

At dinner I tried really hard to get a picture of the restaurant’s decor. I have always loved the french bistro styling. Judging by the evil eyes I was getting, I think the man sitting one table over thought I was trying to get a picture of him. He was wearing a v-neck that went to his belly button, so it wasn’t a completely unfounded thought. I decided to give up after a couple of attempts so I didn’t give him a complex. Here is the best I took:

They have brick walls, huge antiqued mirrors hanging above the railing and around the columns, round modern light fixtures and painted red bentwood chairs. I love it.

Saturday morning on our way to the beach, Greg stopped at a bike store, of course. This sign was very inspiring. It almost inspired me to start riding a bike . . . almost . . .

And P.S. two tanks of gas in my car would make for a very inexpensive bike, so I will pretend like I am high and mighty.


2 Comments to “My Weekend, through the lens of my iPhone”

  1. I’m very disappointed there is not actually a picture of the man in the picture of the restaurant.

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