It’s Weekend Time!

Friday mornings always put me in the Caribbean spirit, thanks to the Friday ditty they always played on our local radio station Isle 95. Here is a song to get the rest of you in my tropical mood:


Since it’s almost the weekend, I guess I should reveal what else I bought last weekend. It is extraordinarily boring, but I am excited by it!

Yes, that is a vacuum, a very basic vacuum. We have been living with a broken vacuum for months now. I told Greg he wasn’t allowed to buy new bike shoes until we got a vacuum, and guess what he immediately rushed out to get? (I shouldn’t say allow, it’s more like I asked him sweetly if we could get the vacuum first, right Greg??)

We have light-colored carpets, and with two long-haired dogs and a baby who still spits up at 13 months, they are not in the best shape. We needed something with a lot of power and a good warranty. A local Oreck store was offering a special, and we went in and found this basic one for $199 plus a free case of new bags. I have used it daily since we got it, and it is so much better than our old Bissell! The only problem is it does not come with the hand-held and attachments like all of the other models. We figure we can break out the Wet Vac, and use our old vacuum attachments when we need to do the edges and the furniture. I think Greg loves that Wet Vac more than me, so he loves the excuse to use it!

Speaking of loving his wife, Greg and I have been married for 5 years today! I can’t believe it’s been that long. He sent me some beautiful peonies and a potted plant. I had a bouquet of peonies and I have to give him props (yes I said props, mad props, in fact.) for remembering!

Plants and flowers never last in my house because we get very little light in through the windows. Does anyone have any suggestions to make them last longer?


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