A New Addition to Our Home

I hinted yesterday that we purchased something for our house. I should correct that to say we got two new somethings for the house. (Though one isn’t very new.)

After passing a ton of junk, we came across this great chair. Mae modeled it for the blog:

We paid $40 for it and took it home. I don’t anything about its actual worth or if we got a good deal, but I think getting a nice chair which doesn’t need any work for $40 is a great deal! The upholstery is in great shape and a very pretty color. I saw an identical one in a mustard color for $65 on eBay.

It was pretty dirty, so I gave it a detailing before putting it in our house. Here is a picture of where it ended up:

Please excuse our dingy couch and the crooked pictures. I didn’t even realize they were hanging wonky until I uploaded this picture. Mae likes to climb on the couch and stroke them.

I want to change out the table with something round and modern and add a graphic pillow to the back of the chair. Here is the chair with a spare pillow we have hanging around:

How about this one from etsy.

Or this one, also from etsy:

Apparently I’m willing to pay more for the pillows than the chair itself.


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