Refrigerator Progress

This blog is already serving to be a great source of accountability. I had a very busy weekend, and by, very busy, I mean I sat on the beach. Immediately after putting Mae to bed on Monday evening, I realized I had to get this thing done. I stuck in my ear phones, grabbed a glass of wine and went to town!

First things first, I removed everything that had expired. It was more than I expected. I learned that I need to do two things – clean more often, and cook the food I buy! So here is the before I showed last week:

And here is the after:

I then removed everything from the refrigerator (try not to get to jealous of my awe-inspiring kitchen),

and went to work scrubbing the insides. Here is the sparkling finished product:

I then put everything back in, minus the bottle of wine, which I polished off while scrubbing. Where did my food go? The insides of the drawers were also very organized and pretty, but I failed to take a picture.

And, most importantly, isn’t it so much prettier now that all of the labels are turned the same direction? (I’m sure you are all impressed by the fresh and nutritious fruit I am feeding my child.)

P.S. I learned a major lesson about blogging, and really, life in general – Hit Save! I wrote a long post and my browser shut down. Since I was not smart enough to save it before posting, I lost the entire thing. Then, as I am rewriting my post, it shut down again! Needless to say, on the third attempt I hit save every two words. Sheesh.


4 Comments to “Refrigerator Progress”

  1. Looking good!

  2. I was thinking how clean it looked when I made Mae her bottle! I didn’t put the carton facing out though so you might want to fix it before you go to bed.

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