I love my veggies

In this morning’s post, I mentioned my CSA. That is Community Supported Agriculture for those not in the know. Community Supported Agriculture is basically a share of a farm. In today’s agriculture economy, local farmers are barely able to meet the costs of their production. CSA programs allow outsiders to purchase a share of the crop, which guarantees the farm is paid for it’s effort. I pay an upfront fee to a local farm and I receive a box of vegetables every 12 weeks.

My share is technically a small one, made for two people, but look at the amazing amount of food I receive weekly:

Starting on the left and going clockwise, I received a bunch of collard greens, a head of cabbage, 2 patty-pan squashes, 5 ears of corn, 3 zucchinis, 2 green tomatoes and a good amount of red potatoes.

Though this CSA has served to be a huge money saver for me, it can be a risk. If the farm has a poor season, our shares will be much smaller. I am fortunate that my local farm has had a very productive year.

If you are interested in learning more about CSAs check out these links:

USDA’s CSA Definition

Local Harvest


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