The State of the Ice Box

I think it’s best to start this great quest towards domestication small: let’s organize the refrigerator! I really love going to the grocery store. It’s kind of like an addiction. I go multiple times a week, and all it leaves me with is an over-filled refrigerator and a busted budget.

So here is the refrigerator before (please note the overabundance of greens and cabbage thanks to my very productive CSA.):

I might as well do the freezer while I’m in there:

And are you ready for the after? Drum roll please . . . .

No, not really. That picture is from The Container Store, but I thought I could trick you with the two heads of cabbage. The great refrigerator reorganization is going to take place this weekend. This post is merely to build anticipation. I’m sure my 2 readers are riveted! Stay tuned!

I have a few goals: (1) throw out anything out of date; (2) scrub clean the entire inside; (3) reorganize according to cooking temperatures; (4) make sure the labels are all facing the right direction (probably the most important step). Hopefully I can make mine look halfway decent.

2 Comments to “The State of the Ice Box”

  1. I really thought that was the after! I was so impressed!

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