The Power of Paint

I know the room I showed yesterday looked incredibly incomplete, but we have actually done one major change. Here is a picture of the house when we bought it:

The colors were even more shocking in person. The bottom part of the walls is painted brick, with thin paneling on top. We decided to paint them all the same soothing gray color. We also took the trim from a dull off-white to white. I think it makes the room look so much brighter.

I actually don’t mind the stick-on tiles, but they aren’t holding up well to the moisture in the room. The concrete slab the room sits on seeps water and there are gaps in the brick which allow in lots of bugs. The tiles are cracking and all sorts of ickiness is growing under them. We hope to pull them all up and do something with the concrete underneath. We aren’t sure of the state of the concrete and it has been badly painted, but hopefully we can do something inexpensive!

We want to make this room a playroom so we have a place to keep Mae’s rapidly growing toy stash. Does anyone else see great potential with this currently unusable room?

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