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I’m not the most domestic of goddesses. My  husband does his own ironing, my bed is rarely made, and my cereal is still in its original packaging. As much as I wish to have a perfectly styled bedroom with organized socks and pretty drawer liners, I’m more likely to watch an episode of Bachelorette than to repaint the trim.

My Google Reader is stocked full of home design blogs. I follow a number of homes obsessively. So I finally decided, why not put my house out there for my friends and family to judge. If I am saying it “out loud” maybe I will get it done in a more timely fashion.

And here is a sneak peek of one of our rooms I plan to work on in the coming months. The room needs some work, huh? I left it exactly as is for you all to see – partially pulled up flooring, exercise gear strewn around and random box storage. The door also decided to break just in time for the picture, so I couldn’t even open it to eliminate glare.


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