Off we go!

Hi! I’m Kate. Greg is my husband. We have been married for years, five to be exact. (Here’s hoping the fifth anniversary comes with a really good gift.)

We have two dogs and one baby. All of them are pretty cute, but Mae might be my favorite.

All in all, I have a pretty awesome family.

But enough about them. I don’t want to create a site dedicated to what Mae had for breakfast and how far she threw it. Instead I want to talk about where I live. I have been dreaming about this blog for years, and, to start with a great cliché, there is no better time than now.

We own a house. A cute 1970s ranch, in need of a lot of work. We have owned it for 2 years and I have done very little. I can blame it on a rough pregnancy, then a newborn, but with Mae passing a year, I have no more excuses!

I don’t see us moving for a long time, and (ready for the next cliché?) it’s time to make this house a home. (I promise I won’t inundate you with terrible platitudes in the future.) I have big dreams and grand plans, none of which I have taken to fruition. Instead, I have sat on my tush and thought about what I would do sometime in the future. I have collected ideas, made mood boards and done a whole lot of nothing. With this blog I hope to actually make things happen! So, here we go . . .

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